Travel Services 

Full Butler Services with Therapeutic Massage

  Film Locations, Special Events, Weddings,  By  Contract.

Your Comfort and Safety is our priority! 

  Please direct all inquiries to:

Debra Hunt NCBTMB

DBA Stone Mountain Massage LLC

PO Box 378

Hot Springs, Va., 24445


Stone Mountain Massage 

 Alpha Wave Music creates the same brain waves as are produced in Deep Meditation, and will leave you feeling your most Peacefully Refreshed and Relaxed, yet Energized! Relieving Stress Reduces Pain Perception, Improves Mind/Body Performance & Speeds Healing! We REQUIRE that everyone wear a mask, & present proof of  completed Covid Vaccinated to receive Services. NO EXCEPTIONS! 


Mon./Thurs. $90

Tues./Wed $85

Fri./Sat $95



Therapeutic Massage 

We are Moderna Vaccinated.

 Please bring your vaccination card and be FULLY VACCINATED. (14 days post last vaccination date on card.) NO EXCEPTIONS! Mask required - $95 Hour by Appt Only

$105 Hour Upper Body Only

$125 90 minutes

$135 90 minutes Upper Body Only


Mon-Thurs. 9am-6pm

Fri., Sat 9am-9pm by Appt. 

*** Major cc required to hold any appt time for new clients.

24 Hour Cancellation policy

$50.00 Cancellation fee on Less than 24 Hour Notice

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time..

June- August Special 

Personal Journey/Ultimate Reflexology is a SAFER Pandemic Treatment as our faces  will naturally be  socially distaced through most of the session. Reflexology is SAFER  for Immunocompromised Persons.

Enjoy a delightful hot peppermint Foot Soak, followed by magnetic therapy, such as is found on most NHL & NFL treatment tables, all while receiving a Stress Relieving Reflexology session, as you relax with Guided Imagery and Beautiful Sound Therapy. As an added luxury, we'll include rich therapeutic grade essential oils for additional Aromatherapy benefits.

Reflexology uses pressure points that correspond with Acupuncture, but are painless and also includes gentle foot and calve massage that positively treats ALL organs and organ systems!

Break the ache and completely unwind with Guided Imagery that is proven scientifically to reduce Pain and Anxiety, Increase Self Esteem and Boost your Immune System!

HEPA Medical Grade Air Filtration On Site, UVC Wands, and Enhanced Cleaning

25 Years Experience. References Available Upon Request. Trip Advisor has 34 Reviews of our work DBA Stone Mountain Massage/Hot Springs, Va.