Stone Mountain Massage 


Therapeutic Massage

We are Moderna Vaccinated x 4!




 ALL Sessions Include a choice of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Magnetic,& Sound Therapy, Heated Table and Hot Towels!

Debra wears a new full body Apron, over her Clothing for your added protection, &

a mask that filters @ 98.6% Particulate Matter for Each Individual Session, uses HEPA Medical grade Air Filtration, Enhanced Cleaning, UVC Wand Disinfecting., & Contactless Pay. Temperature taken before all Sessions


Menu of Services

 *$125- Hour Therapeutic Massage

*$125-- Hour Personal Journey W/ UltimateRefexology( Peppermint Foot Soak, Reflexology, Usui Reiki, Guided Imagery)

*$135 -Hour All Upper Body Only -  

*$145-  90 minutes  Therapeutic Massage

$175 2 Hours therapeutic Massage

 ***Our Ecommerce/On line Items on (About Us) page



Butler Services By Contract

Formal- Household Management, Valet, Travel Service -Formal Attire

Modern- Household Management, Valet,  Travel & Licensed Therapeutic Massage - Attire based on duty(includes some Formal attire service, and some casual)

Inquire for Salary , or Help Securing Suitable Vacation Property When Traveling to Hot Springs, Va.

About Us

Debra Hunt, DBA Stone Mountain Massage LLC, is County, State, and Nationally licensed, with 35 PERFECT REVIEWS on Trip Advisor, and has over 26 years of Experience, formerly at the Greenbrier, Canyon Ranch and Omni Homestead, both in Guest Services and Therapeutic Massage...

My Son, Gage, manages the practice in my absence, insuring the same outstanding service through hand selected Licensed Massage Providers, and handles ecommerce for our 100% Native American Made, and Relaxation Gifts.

Before relocating to Virginia, Debra was contracted to provide Therapeutic Sports Massage to Multiple Main Event Boxers for ESPN Friday Night at the Fights, and maintained a busy practice in the Tri State Area, where she was voted by an independant newspaper poll, as "one of the top 3 Massage Therapists in the Midwest.."She has advanced training in   Swedish,Myofascial Release, Strain/Counterstrain, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Reflexology, PNF Stretching, & Pre/Post Event Sports Massage

We do not offer Prenatal or Hot Stone during the Pandemic..          



Mon-Sat. 10am to 6pm CLOSED SUN.

 Advance Reservations Secure your Appt., and are Preferred.

Same Day as Available

Before Your Session

1) We REQUIRE proof of 3 Covid Vaccinations, your Photo ID, and a Mask. NO EXCEPTIONS! You will need to text  Vacc Card & Photo ID in advance to receive Services. 

***2) In support of Social Distancing, and to reduce everyone's exposure, PLEASE DO NOT BRING A COMPANION TO YOUR SESSION. We regret that we do not offer a public lobby..

(The Homestead Resort shops, or Main Street shops are 5 Minutes walking. The Homestead Great Hall is open to the public, with a lovely coffee shop/computer lounge.-Bring a Book.)

3) Please turn your cell phone to OFF or MUTE.

4) We require 30 min between Sessions for Enhanced Cleaning Safety.